If I have had the opportunity to work with you in the past, and you were able to find value in our time together, please leave a review.

While working with Robbie, I was able to find my limits and even exceed them. Not only did I get better during every training session, but I also learned many ways to improve outside the gym as well. As a full-time athlete, sleep and nutrition play a major role in my recovery from the long season. We worked together my first few off-seasons and I was able to make great progress each year. Robbie stays up to date on new research and training methods which allowed me to stay healthy and strong throughout the year. I know the investment is well worth it if you are working with Robbie!

— Jose Trevino (Catcher-Texas Rangers Baseball)

I trained with Robbie in and out of the multiple high school sport seasons in which I participated. My main goals when I started were to become a more efficient runner and to have someone to motivate me outside of my typical sport coaches. As a result of the consistent training I put in, I got stronger, improved my endurance, and altered my mindset from just working out, to training with a purpose each and every session. Robbie taught me to believe in my abilities as an athlete and as a person. He has impacted the way I think about training and nutrition, which played a major role in me making the Texas A&M cross country team!

— Paige (Swimmer, Track, Cross Country)

I was privileged to have Robbie Bagby as our strength coach during my two years at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. He was always extremely professional and well prepared. Because of his efforts, my teammates and I were more flexible, stronger, and had better balance at the end of every tournament.

After I finished my four years as a college golfer, I asked Robbie to continue to train me to increase my core strength and flexibility as I began my professional golfing career. In a short time, I gained distance off my drives even after a long round of 18 holes. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Robbie will lead you every step of the way!

— Vanessa (Former Division-Ⅰ Golfer)

I trained with Robbie for three years and saw significant differences in my athletic performance. I was a multi-sport athlete, participating in varsity cross country, varsity track, and varsity soccer, but I was always looking for other ways to gain an edge on the competition. Robbie was able to adjust workouts to accommodate me, ensuring I remained injury free and at peak fitness. Through my strength training, I was able to stay healthy throughout high school while never sustaining any serious injuries. Robbie is not only knowledgeable in the physical aspect of training, but also provided advice for a healthy lifestyle, educating me on how the other aspects of my life impacted my performance. I always felt that I was performing exercises correctly and that I was doing the most good for me as an individual. Robbie attended several of my sporting events throughout the time we worked together, which showed that he was truly committed to my success!

— Remy (Soccer, Track, & Cross Country)

After having rotator cuff surgery early in her sophomore year of high school, my daughter began training with Robbie to rebuild the strength lost from the surgery and recovery process. The main goal her sophomore track year: to qualify for the district track meet. After a few months of training and to her surprise, not only did she participate in the district track meet, she won 1st place and eventually advanced to the regional meet. With Robbie’s help, she exceeded her goal.

Other awards earned by Alexis during her high school career include: All-District, All South Texas, and “Hitter of the Year” awards in volleyball as a senior, placed 3rd in shot put in the State Track Meet during her senior year, and accepted a track scholarship at Sam Houston State.

Not only did Robbie help my daughter with her core strength and overall conditioning, he has helped her develop an athlete’s mindset. She understands that goal setting is the first step to her training, and hard work -along with a positive attitude- pushes her up the hill towards those goals. It has not been easy, but with the help of Robbie, she learned how to take her failures and turn them into successes using her strength and athletic mindset.

— Maurine (Parent of Former Athlete)

While Robbie was my strength and conditioning coach in college, he improved my knowledge of exercise, boosted my confidence in the gym, always encouraged and pushed me, along with my teammates, to achieve our very best, and always made himself available when we had questions or needed advice. I was always excited and motivated to walk into the gym and see what the workout was going to be, knowing that I would walk away feeling stronger and accomplished. Robbie also introduced me to new exercises and techniques that were especially beneficial to my specific sport that I still use today in the gym to improve flexibility, power, and stability. They have also helped tremendously with my military physical training. Even after a few years, Robbie’s training methods are still a vital role in my training and exercise regimen. He is an excellent trainer who is passionate about what he does and I still miss those days with him in the gym, but I know he will make a positive impact on those that he trains in the future.

— Olivia (Former Division-I Golfer)

Working out with Robbie has completely changed me from an athletic standpoint. Not only have I become stronger since starting workouts with him in February, but I have become faster, quicker, and all around a better athlete. There is no doubt in my mind that working with Robbie has me in the best shape to play at the highest level not only right now, but also a I proceed to playing college baseball next year.

--Gardner (Baseball Commit to D1 University)

We have seen big gains in Jeff’s performance since he started working with Robbie. The focus on doing the basics well creates a strong foundation. Strength, speed, and durability set him up for long term success as an athlete. I highly recommend working with Robbie to help your student athlete compete at their highest level!

--Chandler (Parent of Youth Athlete)