If I have had the opportunity to work with you and you were able to find value in our time together, please leave a review.

Before I started at Foundation Fitness, I hated working out and always struggled without any accountability. However, Robbie has made the workouts fun and engaging and He is my accountability partner. He is constantly challenging me and checking in regularly to see how I am feeling. He has also found the sweet spot of knowing how hard to push me without shaming or yelling, but by encouraging me without overdoing it. Over the last several months, my strength and endurance as well as my confidence has improved greatly. I know these physical and mental attributes will help me tremendously with anything I choose to do!

— Kathleen (Private Training Client)

The biggest reservations I had before I started training with Robbie were whether I could consistently show up, and once I did, if I could even keep up long enough to get the results I was after. The workouts at Foundation FItness allow me to work at my own level rather than a ‘one size fits all’ methodology I’ve seen at other gyms. The environment helps me to stay engaged throughout the workout making it a more enjoyable experience! My initial goals were to get up from the chair without limping and to sleep longer than 5 hours. After a few months of training, I have better energy, I am sleeping between 7-8 hours a night, and I can get up from the FLOOR and out of the tub confidently. And more importantly, my body is firming and strengthening! I have found that the small group training is the best combo for me because I can focus on what I’m doing but the energy of the group helps me get the most out of every session!

— Claire (Small Group Training Client)

I was not working out because I don’t care for gyms and just lost my motivation. A friend told me about Robbie at Foundation Fitness and I thought ok I’m gonna give it a try. He has a great gym setup in his garage until he opens his own gym soon. It’s an intimate but not intimidating environment and I have enjoyed being pushed by Robbie when I wasn’t feeling it.. He is so educated and focused on each person and their separate goals and strength or past injuries. He is a big advocate of all the things that go into making workouts actually work, like good sleep, “diet” and proper progression.

— Ashley (Small Group Training Client)

Robbie is THE man! I’m 33 and shredding for my wedding, and I could not be happier with my results! Robbie has a plan for all ages, all goals, and all commitment levels. My sleep has improved, my mood has most definitely improved and my confidence is tip top. I can’t say enough about how lucky I’ve been to find this fantastic guy. Like others have said, so so easy to talk to, so knowledgeable and helpful, amazing listener and motivator, to whatever level or extent you request. I can’t wait to continue to get more and stay strong with this awesome guy. Don’t hesitate to get ahold of this legend, you’re already missing out on a great time!

— John (Small Group Training Client)

Robbie is a great instructor! He will help you get through all of the movements with perfect form. He helped me after a long term injury. Great person to help you with training and reaching your goals!

— Christina

Robbie is very dedicated and he cares for the people he is working with! He is professional and fun.

— Kaetlyn

Robbie is an awesome trainer. He motivates and pushes me to be better each session. Robbie is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and health. He listens and observes to create the best plan for his clients. After moving back to the area, he talked me in to coming back. Yay Foundation Fitness and Robbie!

— Erin (Small Group Training Client)

Robbie is very knowledgeable about fitness and health. He has earned several degrees and credentials…and has a wealth of practical, real-world experience that he relies on. He cares about his clients, listens to them, and works hard to design programs that help them reach their goals.

— Paul (Private Training Client)

Robbie is a great trainer and makes sure to motivate you to work harder. All workouts offer different levels of challenge so you can continue to challenge yourself, grow stronger and progress. Highly recommend Foundation Fitness!

— Shivani (Small Group Training Client)

I had several reservations when I agreed to start training again. Traffic is always an issue and I was also concerned I wouldn’t get all of my wants and needs met with each training session. I am used to cycling classes, so I wanted to make sure I was getting my cardio in as well as the strength. Once I started up though, all of my reservations were resolved! I had trained and had success with Robbie in the past, so my main goals were to get back to the lean body I had then. Since I started training, my flexibility and strength levels have improved as I’m able to squat deeper and lift heavier than I have in years. I am more mindful of my nutrition and aware of how critical my decisions outside the gym are when it comes to my overall success. Additionally, I leave each session energized and wanting more! I can’t wait to get back for the next session! The workouts are a perfect combination of direction and motivation. I love the way I am inspired to achieve the most benefit from my time at the gym.

— Sean (Small Group Training Client)

The cost of the small group training brings some joy to my checkbook as it is significantly less expensive than private training but the individualization of the program is the same. Since starting back on a normal routine, my mood and strength levels have improved, which certainly helps in my day to day life. Working out with friends brings about a greater sense of accountability while having a knowledgeable coach ensures that I will have a safe, yet effective training session every time!

— Sarah (Small Group Training Client)

After having a baby and working out on my own for a couple of years, my biggest concern with group training was that I might attempt some things that I wasn’t quite ready for. However, every exercise we do has several levels, each with varying degrees of difficulty and Robbie is always willing to correct my form without making me feel like I’m being criticized. Since I started back, my form has improved on numerous exercises, even those that I’ve been doing for years! Another somewhat unexpected benefit is that I’ve become more conscientious of my breathing. This has also helped in strengthening my core, which is HUGE for me after having a baby! When I found out Robbie was training in the Dallas area again, I signed up immediately because he pays more attention to form, breathing, and how to get the most out of each exercise than any trainer I’ve ever had!

— Destri (Small Group Training Client)

I worked with Robbie for several years and found him to be very personable and professional without being intrusive. I started training with Robbie after suffering a major heart attack. With that in mind, he developed a personalized training plan based on the goals we set for me. I was able to significantly increase my strength, improve my stamina, and lower my resting and working heart rate. All very important after suffering a major trauma! We were able to find things that pushed the limits all while keeping my health history in mind. Robbie inspired me to train hard and to focus on living a healthier life outside the gym. I have continued down the path we started on and have since seen my health metrics significantly improve, most of them back in the normal range!

— Mark (Private Training Client)

When you hear the term ‘trainer’, you think the typical hard-nosed screamer forcing you into positions you would never attempt on your own. Being an older guy, I needed a push but in an intelligent way. Robbie has a great sense for reading people and working with their abilities. Since I started on this training journey, my strength and flexibility has increased as well as an improvement in my endurance. I also have several issues with my knees, back, shoulders but Robbie is always able to find a way around these areas so that I can still accomplish my goals. I am headed to a “Fantasy Camp” for the Boston Red Sox and my training has helped me build a great base of quality movement so that I won’t fall on my face while rounding first!

— Steve (Private Training Client)

I have a lot of SI joint and low back pain and I was worried that a new trainer would not have the knowledge to manage this properly. However, I was quickly assured that Robbie’s continuous research and education would allow him to safely and effectively work around and even attack these issues when necessary. Since we started training, I’ve been able to gain AND then maintain overall strength levels, improve my low back pain, and even improve my personal accountability with diet.

— Betsy (Private Training Client)

I worked with Robbie for several years (even through my pregnancy:) and always found that his workout strategies were tailored to me and my current physical health. When I started back with Robbie, after he persistently encouraged me to start training again, my goals were to be a healthier version of me by creating habits that are sustainable. My endurance and strength have increased and through thoughtful discussions with Robbie, I have learned new, healthier ways to think about my eating habits. I am currently working on several bad habits that have kept me from achieving my goals in the past. I thrive in an environment in which I am encouraged but also pushed just enough past the point that I would push myself. Robbie shares his knowledge and gives me more of a holistic approach to my overall health rather than just focusing on losing weight. I recommend him to everyone I know!

— Paige (Small Group Training Client)

The only reservation I had about working with Robbie, was if I would be able to do the workouts as I was really out of shape. I was nervous about working out in a group but decided to take that approach initially; however, Robbie was very approachable and put me at ease about working out. He never told me it was going to be easy but he made me feel I was capable of getting better. I was not a big fan of the group classes and Robbie took me on as a private client, and I could not be happier!

Initially, my goals included losing weight and preparing me to walk around NYC on a trip that had been planned for some time. After more than a year of working with Robbie in some capacity, I was able to attain my goals and more! I gained more self-confidence because I lost fat, gained strength, improved my posture, which helped me achieve a level of health I wasn’t sure I’d see again! All of these taught me to appreciate the journey to better fitness and look at it as a lifelong endeavor.

I have worked with personal coaches on and off for 20 years and Robbie is a by far the best. His knowledge of how the body works, nutrition, and all the other elements necessary to creating a healthy lifestyle is broad and he takes the time to explain “why” we do things. I am very stubborn and competitive and Robbie has tapped into that to get me to perform my best!

— Courtney (Small Group Training Client)

Before I began training, I had several reservations in regards to issues with my knees and shoulder. One knee replacement and the other with bone on bone arthritis while the right shoulder lacked range of motion and had some qualities of impingement. Training with Robbie changed these reservations. I regained motion in my shoulder (pain free!) as well as stronger and more flexible legs and knees. My overall balance, strength, and flexibility improved as well.

When I started private training, my main goals were to achieve an overall higher fitness level and remain active as a 60+ woman in age. Secondly, I wanted to improve my cardiovascular health and functional fitness. Along with achieving these goals, Robbie continually provided me with quality nutritional information to assist in my training.

Robbie’s commitment to his job of coaching and improving one’s overall health and fitness level is outstanding! He was always prepared, on time, and professional in all areas of his work. His knowledge is current and continuing!

— Mary Jane (Private Training Client)

My husband and I initially started training with Robbie to prepare for our wedding. Robbie not only strengthened our bodies and minds over the past two and a half years, he has become family. He is constantly researching innovative techniques and new workouts, and always finds a way to test our abilities and endurance with each workout. He listens to our bodies and is willing to recreate or modify workouts based on injuries, aches and pains. His training ranges from elite athletes to your “everyday athletes,” all with the same goal. It’s also important to note that I am currently expecting in September, which only adds to Robbie’s ability to adjust and accommodate to his clients needs.

— Juliette (Small Group Training Client)

Before working out with Robbie, I had tried working with several coaches/instructors and various types of physical training activities. I had not really worked out for several years after having been really dedicated to a regimen some years past. For me, it is about who I am working with more than anything. I am not self-motivated and need to have a coach that I am comfortable with and who makes it fun. My main physical concerns before I started were my lack of energy and my increase in weight and fat. I was 46 at the time and felt like I needed to get in shape before it became even more difficult due to my age.

Once I started training, I was very happy to have found someone that I enjoyed working with. Robbie is extremely knowledgeable and is serious about fitness and health, but still makes it fun. I never wanted to skip a workout, and I have been disappointed every time that I have had to miss a workout.

My goals when I started were to increase energy and endurance and to reduce fat and increase muscle tone. I have accomplished both goals. When I began, I struggled to complete the fitness activities that he put forth. At this time, I am confident in my physical abilities. As an example, I recently went on a family vacation and was able to do some extreme sports with my kids with confidence that I would not hurt myself. Through my workouts with Robbie, the strength that I had in my youth has returned, which has helped me with my balance and stability. I have been extremely pleased with my results.

— Victoria (Small Group Training Client)

Before I began training with Robbie, I feared being paired with a trainer that just yelled and forced running and burpees. However, Robbie pleasantly surprised me with his patience and kindness–never resorting to degrading or yelling for motivation. Robbie gets to know you as a person and really tries to understand your underlying motivation for getting in shape. For me, the various issues with my back and hips were always something to keep in mind while training, but Robbie always tried new innovative ways to work the muscles without inciting pain. On several occasions, I left the gym having less pain than when I arrived. This was huge for me since a lot of the other modes of training I tried hadn’t addressed my issues. We stretched what was tight and strengthened what was weak. Sounds super basic, but the basics work!

Amy (Private Training Client)

The first thing I consider when buying anything is cost. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this! But after my free trial with Foundation Fitness, I discovered that it was much easier to invest my money in someone that cared about me as a person and was truly committed to my success. Although I have not yet achieved my original goal, I have learned how to build tiny habits to get me closer to those goals. I consume more water. I am more conscious of my sleep. And I am more aware of the foods I put into my body. “Garbage in. Garbage out!”

— Jessica (Small Group Training Client)

Since my main form of exercise has always been larger group classes, I was concerned that the smaller group size might be too challenging to the attention too focused. However, that focused attention is super helpful for perfecting my form (which prevents injury) while speeding up the exercise progressions! Since starting back with Foundation Fitness, I have gained measurable strength, improved form for the basics (deadlift, kettlebell swing, etc:), increased shoulder flexibility, and managed exercise (or age) related wrist/elbow pain. Since the program is very individualized based on what my body really needs, it saves a lot of time on my end. Plus, with a small group, you get to know your team and it makes training more fun!

— Melissa (Small Group Training Client)

I’ve only been training with Robbie for a few weeks, but boy oh boy, has it been the best decision to start! He is not only very professional, super responsive, and knowledgeable, his personalized workout sessions are exactly at the level and intensity that I needed starting out. It’s like he knows my body! With feedback from me, he quickly adjusted and adapted an exercise to meet my needs. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for me. Loving what he provides!

-- Angela (Distance Training Client)

If you’re searching for an in home personal trainer I highly recommend Robbie with Foundation Fitness! He focuses on full body strength training and also works closely with the pelvic floor therapists at Genesis for his pregnant and PP clients. I started working with him when I was 7 months PP and I know that his individualized workout plan has drastically improved my quality of life based on some of the PP challenges I was dealing with. You don’t need a gym in order to have effective workouts with him. I can attest to that! He also has a full at home gym in you prefer to get out of the house!

-- Lara Beth (Private Training Client)

Me and my wife have trained with Robbie for about 5 months and it has been life changing. He is extremely knowledgeable and the training program is wholesome. He has helped me with nutrition advice, building strength and injury recovery. The best part is the workouts do not drain you out and keep your motivation levels high so you can continue making progress every day. I’ve lost about 30 lbs and ~6.5% body fat during this time. Highly Recommended!

--Nikhil (Small Group Training Client)

Robbie is a passionate, knowledgeable, and intelligent coach who will always find solutions to your problems, like he has for me. You will not find a coach who cares or wants you to succeed more than he does.

— Shane McLean (Fellow Fitness Enthusiast and Coach)

Robbie was the Head Coach at Pinnacle Performance and Fitness from August 2014 to 2017. Robbie was responsible for upgrading ALL of our training programs, from our summer youth athletes program to our adult fitness training programs. Robbie is constantly studying so that he can better serve his clients. He is truly a committed fitness professional. In an industry with trainers more interested in showing off their abs on Instagram, Robbie is trying to educate his current and potential clients on the benefits of moving better and making better choices. You will not find a more committed coach/trainer to help you reach your goals. I entrusted Robbie with our clients and my business and would do it again. You can trust him with your health, fitness, and performance.

— Adam Farrell (Owner, Pinnacle Performance and Fitness)