April 18, 2019



It’s been too long.. I got out of the habit of writing each week but now I’m back!

This topic has been on my mind a lot recently. I’ve always struggled with the idea that the choices I make may not allow me to move well when I get older. Trying to get really strong has always been my goal. But lately it seems that goal punched me in the gut (or the neck and low back to be more specific).

Being an active person and knowing that quality movement is super important, I’ve redirected my own personal fitness journey. Let’s dig in a bit more.

If you follow me on social media, I’ve been spending more time on self care above crushing yourself with exercise. If you can’t move the next day, it makes it hard to play with your kids. Or pick the crying baby up off the ground. Or do anything of value really. This is the exact reason for the above change. If you can receive the same benefits of exercise (fat loss, move better, feel better, get stronger) by toning down the high intensity training a bit, and you can feel less like doodoo, why wouldn’t you??

Over the last month or so, I’ve had some issues (aka old injuries) pop up that have really limited how I interact with my kids. If I can’t turn my head (neck strain) or lift anything (low back pain), I feel like I’m letting my kids down. They want to play. Not sit around and watch tv all day while their bum of a dad ices up.

So I went on a mission to “fix” myself. I tried to go to the chiropractor to get my issues sorted out. Although it helped relieve a little bit of pain, it always came back around. Then I tried dry needling. What can I say?? IT”S THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER DISCOVERED!!

Not only do I feel better immediately, but it gets my body moving like it’s supposed to. It removes the knots and trigger points in certain muscles that are restricting my movement. Then I hop off the table an VOILA! I’m healed! Then it’s my job not to mess it up again.

Then I took it a step further and invested in a fancy new pillow and hopefully by next week at this time we will have locked down a new bed as well.

So what are the takeaways here?? As a fellow human but more importantly as a parent:

  • Take care of yourself. If you can’t perform daily activities because of pain or discomfort yet you haven’t yet addressed them, DO IT NOW. Why be in pain longer than you have to. Be proactive.
  • Find a modality of recovery or pain relief that actually works. Not drugs. Those are temporary. Get a PT prescription so you can try dry needling. Get a massage. Hire a coach. Do what it takes NOW to feel good.
  • Be able to play with your kids. If your back hurts because of your workout. You’re doing it wrong. Train smarter so you can live life better. There are likely others that depend on you on a daily basis. Don’t let them down because you aren’t taking care of yourself.
  • Think more about the future than the present. Who cares if you think doing 1000 sit-ups each day will get you a six pack (it won’t). What is your back going to feel like in your 40’s, 50’s, or beyond?? Be smart with the things you do today so you don’t have to pay for it later.

If you are looking for a way to play with your kids or grandkids but haven’t found it yet, reach out HERE and see how we can work together to help you live a better life.

PS yes the picture is of me squatting while holding my entire family. What if there was a natural disaster and I had to carry them all..?

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