March 2, 2018

I just spent a few precious minutes on social media and saw a very smart and successful coach talking about the fitness/supplement industry. He mentioned that the supplement industry makes upward of $20 billion annually just by selling their products…

Let’s think about that for a second.. WHAT?? $20 billion?? How it this possible? How does an industry whose entire reason for existence is to help people achieve their goals (mainly to lose weight) is making that much money but delivering minimal long-term results??

When we talk about supplements, I will guess that a large percentage of that $20 billion is attributed to weight loss pills/shakes rather than muscle gain or athletic performance supplements. If I’m being honest, with an obesity epidemic going on in this part of the world, it makes complete sense to buy a supplement that promises great results.

Marketing plays a major role in why people buy products or services. I can surely understand when there is a ripped up stud or an attractive “toned” woman on the commercial or cover of a magazine saying that they used this or that product and lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. That sounds amazing, right!! And possibly too good to be true? That is likely the case, so stop buying into it!

So how is this epidemic going to be solved? It’s going to take some work, but here are a few ideas that WILL WORK over the LONG TERM:

  • Become physically active
    • This doesn’t include your daily activities anymore. To achieve the results you want you have to do some work! Once you become proficient at a movement or activity, it’s not offering the same benefits it once provided. Challenge yourself!
  • Eat less processed foods and focus on REAL FOOD
    • Don’t worry about counting calories or trying some CRAZY juice cleanse. As one of my mentors, Dan John, has stated, “Start eating like an adult!” Stop eating sugary cereals and candy. Start eating food that will provide fuel and energy for your life!
  • Just be consistent
    • This says a lot. You want to lose weight and keep it off? Then make a change for life. Not for a month or a year. But FOREVER. No more yo-yo diets and exercise regimens. Find something that you can sustain for longer than a few months and do it!

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