August 12, 2018

I’ve been working with a wide variety of clients over the last eight years as a coach and one thing I feel like I hear constantly is..”Why am I not getting the results I’m after?”

Although there may be several reasons for this, I can think of one that is likely the case..

The big question to ask is..Am I being consistent with my food and training??

When I started thinking about this, I began to think back about all the people that have mentioned this to me over the years. The conclusion I came to is that the people that ended up being “successful” with whatever goals they had were not the ones asking this question. These people just did the work.

They didn’t question if they were doing the right exercises..or following the right diet…or getting the right amount of sleep.

They just did what has always worked for anybody looking to be better: eat whole, unprocessed foods, train hard, and sleep 7-9 hours EVERY NIGHT!

That’s the gist of it!

If you are eating right, training hard, and getting enough sleep, that’s all you need. Obviously there are certain situations that may need more in this regard, but for the most part, that’s it!

If you CONSISTENTLY eat the right foods and train hard, results will come. If it was easy, everyone would be where they want to be. But it’s not!

Just do the work! If you find that what you are doing isn’t working after a consistent 90 DAYS of work, then change it up.

Play with the variables.

But also remember, the majority of your results will come from the food you are putting in your mouth.

Yes, getting strong will play a major role in how you look physically, but it must go hand in hand with quality nutrition.

And also keep in mind, if you want to get great results in the gym, getting on a cardio machine and then doing “abs” is not the solution. It never was. And it never will be.

Do some work and stick to the process!

That’s what it’s all about!



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