The Winning Formula For Youth Athletes

August 24, 2018

In today’s world of year-round athletics, there are TONS of youth athletes specializing in a sport way too young. Why is this such a big deal?? They are being active. Playing outside. Meeting new people. Traveling around the state/country. Potentially staying out of trouble. All good things, right? But what about the downside of specializing in one sport at a young age? Increased chance of burnout Increased risk of overuse injuries Lack of social life outside of sport Missed opportunity


How To Get Results In The Gym…Guaranteed!

August 12, 2018

I’ve been working with a wide variety of clients over the last eight years as a coach and one thing I feel like I hear constantly is..”Why am I not getting the results I’m after?” Although there may be several reasons for this, I can think of one that is likely the case.. The big question to ask is..Am I being consistent with my food and training?? When I started thinking about this, I began to think back about all


How Exactly Does Meal Planning/Prepping Work??

March 25, 2018

A lot of folks have been asking how to meal prep. Since I work in the fitness industry and talk with various people each day, I know this is something clients struggle with. But before we get rolling on how to “prep” for meals, let’s talk about how to “plan” your meals. Planning for Meals As novel as this idea seems (mainly because we have been doing it for so long:), planning the meals that you (and your fam) are


Making Sustainable Change

March 2, 2018

I just spent a few precious minutes on social media and saw a very smart and successful coach talking about the fitness/supplement industry. He mentioned that the supplement industry makes upward of $20 billion annually just by selling their products… Let’s think about that for a second.. WHAT?? $20 billion?? How it this possible? How does an industry whose entire reason for existence is to help people achieve their goals (mainly to lose weight) is making that much money but